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Music & Dance

Music & Dance
Art and music stimulate a very different part of student's intellect and imagination. Every morning the school orchestra plays music at the assembly. Music forms a part of the core curriculum. Students are encouraged to learn instrumental/vocal music depending upon their interest. Students are encouraged to join choirs, orchestras and bands which rehearse and perform regularly and to appreciate music.

Since we live in an age where there are no barriers, we are training our children to be global. As such, we have decided to open up the world of Western Classical music to them. The children are learning to play Western Classical music on the keyboard and the guitar. Separately students are also learning to play Indian Classical Music on the tabla and the harmonium. Drums, flutes, mouth-organs, the synthesizer and the sitar are other instruments which are patronized. Music appreciation is one of the key features of this class.

No art can be nurtured in isolation. Children learning dance will also develop a musical sense. Dance is a complete experience of understanding our cultural heritage. Basic footsteps, hand movements, body postures, rhythmic exercises are being taught to develop stamina and ease.

Children are encouraged to perform regional folkdances, classical dance forms and even creative dance. One of the highlights of an academic year at RMG Maheshwari English School is its Annual Day function, where students get to showcase their talent in music and performing arts.