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Director's Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to communicate with the parents, through this medium. I would like to thank the parents for choosing ‘RMG Maheshwari English School’ for honing the future of their wards.

RMG was started with the vision of providing quality education equipping children with character building and actualization of individual’s potential. When we mention education, it leaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching but education is beyond the classical paper-pencil-black board theory. It has evolved into the giant wheel that has many spokes such as personality development, time management, being competitive, developing sportsman spirit so on and so forth. RMG aims at establishing benchmark in almost every aspect of modern education. As you know, schooling has the greater influence on individual’s life, we have taken the onerous responsibility to empower our students and transform them into a decent & honest human being. We have provided and ideal atmosphere to the students for better learning. The National Education Policy 2020 aims to bring transformational reforms in school and higher education and thus shape India into a global knowledge super power and is designed to recognize the individual differences as well as needs and fosters the development of the child in the best possible manner. Our team of dedicated and highly educated educators strive to widen the students’ horizon of learning as well as to ensure that the N.E.P goals are accomplished.

As I glance back at the performance of our children in various activities during the previous academic year, be it curricular, co-curricular, I can confidently say that our students have certainly made us, parents and teachers proud of their achievements.

Once again I take this opportunity to congratulate Principal, Staff & Students who have contributed to scale greater and insurmountable heights of excellence.

At last I thank our parents for their immense support throughout and look forward for their co-operation and blessings in this noble mission.


Academic Director