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Principal's message

I take this opportunity to address the students and parentsexpressing my views and opinions about the steady and cordial growth of RMGMaheshwari English School. Tree sheltering thousands of students with anobjective of “Each One Teach Thousands One”. As it is stated by Mr. Kofi Annan,“Knowledge is Power, Information is Liberating. Education is the premise ofprogress, in every society and after family”. We welcome to all our dearstudents, who will have a great association. As we need to know that educationis the greatest journey of life where it has a beginning but no end. Excellencein performance, global understanding, universal values and service to mankindare the building blocks of our educational edifice and it must go a long wayexploring the child. I want each student to make a commitment to have PRIDE(Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts) by being active participant inlearning and acting responsibly as an individual within this learningcommunity. Performing excellently will enable us to have a successful andenjoyable school year. 

                                                                                                     MR. VINOD KUMAR MISHRA
                                                                                                          MCM, M.PHIL, B.ED