Starting with Pranayama, simple Asanas and meditation, we expect the promising students here to reach up to complex levels of performance. Yoga is an age-old science of India that is tried and tested fitness programme. The practice of Yoga is a holistic panacea for everybody and RMG Maheshwari English School recognises this branch of Science and follows, implements and endorses.

Both yoga and physical education contribute to not merely the physical development of the child but have a positive impact on psychosocial and mental development as well. Playing group games have a positive impact on individual self esteem, promotes better interaction among students, imparts values of co-operation, sharing and to deal with both victory and defeat. Similarly yoga practice contributes to the overall development of the child and various studies have shown that it contributes to flexibility and muscular fitness and also corrects postural defects among school children.

There is also a growing realisationthat the health needs of adolescents. There is a need to provide students accurate and authentic information and help them to construct knowledge and acquire life skills, so that they cope up with the concerns related to the process of growing up, counter stress and strains and cope up with examination stress.

Within this overall framework both yoga and physical education are seen as routes for achieving overall development of students.

However, up till now both yoga and physical education had not been given the due importance and neither has their contribution to the health and overall development of the child been adequately acknowledged. The constraints faced by yoga and physical education are related to a number of factors that affect the quality of school education in general and health and physical education in particular. This is the right time for making health and physical education to be considered as one of the important components of introduction of yoga at RMG Maheshwari English School.